Kiln Dried Ash Logs



Are you ready to elevate your outdoor gatherings with the perfect firewood? Look no further than our Kiln Dried Ash Logs. These premium firewood logs are not only sustainably sourced but also accredited as Ready-To-Burn, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our best-selling Kiln Dried Ash Logs are known for their exceptional quality and performance. With a moisture level of less than 20%, these logs are incredibly easy to light and offer a long-lasting burn time. Say goodbye to frustrating attempts at starting a fire and hello to a beautiful, bright, and steady flame that will keep you warm throughout the evening.

Benefits of Our Kiln Dried Ash Firewood

One of the standout features of our Kiln Dried Ash Logs is their reliability. Every log is carefully stacked by hand into crates, maximizing the value per purchase. You can trust that each log is of the highest quality, providing consistent heat output and an enjoyable fire experience.

When it comes to firewood, Ash is the hardwood of choice for many customers in the UK. Its popularity stems from its ability to produce a strong heat and offer a good burn time. Whether you’re using these logs in your chiminea or any other outdoor fireplace, you can count on the Kiln Dried Ash Logs to deliver exceptional performance every time.

At Logs Online, we offer various options for purchasing our Kiln Dried Ash Logs. You can choose from crates, bulk bags, barrow bags, nets, bags, or boxes depending on your specific needs. With convenient delivery direct to your door, you can enjoy hassle-free access to the best firewood available.

Don’t just settle for any firewood – choose our Kiln Dried Ash Logs for an elevated outdoor experience. Order now and see why so many customers trust us for their firewood needs. Remember, with every order placed, we plant one tree to support sustainable forestry practices. Let’s make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable with our premium Kiln Dried Ash Logs.


Three Boxes, Six boxes, 12 Boxes, 24 Boxes

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