One Ton Bulk Bags of Kiln Dried Logs



Our ton bags of logs are certified for the ‘ready to burn’ standard. Each log in our ton bags is dried to under 20% moisture so are ready to burn straight out of the bag. Our logs will arrive in secured builders’ bags which makes it ideal for convenience and transport.

Our ton builders’ bags only contain hard woods such as oak, ash, silver birch, and beech. The density of each log in our bags will range from 660 to 750 (kg/m3) so each log will burn for up to two hours (depending on the individual fire and airflow).

Builders Bag of Logs

A ton bag of logs is commonly referred to as a ‘builders’ bag’ in the general community and we provide these direct to your door.

It should be noted however that each of the bags we sell does not actually contain one ton of wood (as that would be nearly impossible!) but we do sell multiple pallets to provide one full ton of logs. People usually refer these ton bags as ‘builders’ bags’ but they will usually only contain up to 400kg or so of wood. Therefore, you will require 2.5 bags to make up a ton.

How Many Logs Are in a Builders Bag?

An average builder’s bag of logs weighs between 390 and 410kg and will usually contain between 290-310 logs on average. That means that one of these bags will usually last for around 60 fires if you were using five logs each day!  

However, you do need to be careful about the supplier that you buy from. The higher the moisture content, the higher the weight of the logs. However, this is not all there is to it, as a higher moisture content will mean there is less calorific value per kg of logs. So make sure that the moisture content of the logs you are buying is under 20% At Firewood Farm, we comply with the ‘ready to burn’ legislation and therefore certify that all of the logs we sell in our builders bags are below 20% moisture.  

What is the difference between a ton and a tonne of firewood?

Although they appear the same, there is a subtle difference between ton and tonne. A ton is the imperial measurement for a ton and is equivalent to 1016kg. Whilst a ton is the metric equivalent and is therefore exactly 1000kg.



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