Sawdust Briquettes



Introducing our Sawdust Briquettes, the 100% environmentally friendly solid fuel that is perfect for your heating needs. Crafted from sustainably-managed hardwood sawdust, these briquettes are a natural by-product, ensuring that no trees are cut down in the process. With their high density compression, our wood briquettes provide a clean burn and exceptional thermal efficiency.

Unlike ordinary firewood, our Sawdust Briquettes offer up to twice the heat energy release. This means that you can enjoy a longer burning time and excellent heat output. Whether you have a smaller stove or a larger fireplace, these briquettes are versatile enough to be used in fireplaces, multi-fuel stoves, chimineas, and open fires. They are also the perfect companion for our Hardwood Heat Logs or Kiln Dried Logs.

Eco Friendly Sawdust Briquettes

Not only are our Sawdust Briquettes eco-friendly and efficient, but they also have additional benefits. They do not release any harmful substances or unpleasant odors, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family. Plus, the resulting ash can even be used as fertilizer for your garden.

When using our briquettes in wood burners, we recommend using 2-3 briquettes at a time, depending on the size of your stove. To achieve the best results, warm up your burner with Kiln Dried Wood Kindling and Natural Firelighters before placing the Sawdust Briquettes on top of the burning embers. Once placed, avoid moving them around for optimal performance. These briquettes burn for up to 2 hours, providing you with a steady heat throughout.

Easy To Store Briquettes

Our Sawdust Briquettes are not only efficient but also easy to store. Thanks to their consistent shape and size, they stack neatly and take up minimal space. Each bundle is packaged in convenient sizes so that you only need to open what you are going to use, making storage hassle-free.

Choose our Sawdust Briquettes for a sustainable, clean-burning solution that offers long-lasting heat and easy storage. Experience the benefits of our environmentally friendly solid fuel today.

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